Pioneertown Motel

Covid-19 Information

The Customers should review government guidance to confirm eligibility to travel and stay at a hotel. See Face coverings are required in all indoor public areas. The health and safety of our guests is our top priority. The motel is open to guests only at this time.

We look forward to welcoming you to Pioneertown Motel. For the most up to date information, please contact the motel at 760-365-7001

There is a special spirit here that attracts folks from around the globe. You may catch a meteor shower, happen upon a sold out show, dance under the stars or simply pass time around a fire.

These are the moments that comprise our mysterious love affair with the High Desert. Pioneertown is and always has been a gateway to the great California desert. In our 3 years of ownership we’ve spent countless hours pouring over its history, tall tales, and fairy tales.

The reality of Pioneertown is evasive and the illusion of the infinite desert is palpable. From what we can piece together this is a one-of-a-kind place worthy of great care and attention. Since we saw you last, we’ve planted groves of native plants, integrated locally designed furniture and created spaces for passing time with friends. The cooler, crisper times are upon us. We live just down Mane Street and we look forward to meeting you.

-Mike French & Matt French, November 2018

The Weather in Pioneertown
clear sky
humidity: 18%
wind: 12mph W
H 59 • L 58

Look Up, Tonight

First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon

A Guide to the Stars

This is the American West, just as much a place as it is a promise — of adventure, of open road, of infinite possibilities.

Pioneertown Motel lives in the High Desert of California — an otherworldly land in the Morongo Basin that calls to outsiders, dreamers, and spiritual wanderers.

This desert is the grandpa of the wild American West, the birthplace of the California mystique, and a destination for those seeking visions and untamed beauty

A wild, unruly and wondrous place, it is home to jackrabbits, Bighorn sheep, U2’s Joshua Tree, glorious wildflower blooms, rugged rock formations, songbirds, wide varieties of cactus, surreal sunsets, rare gems, healing minerals, cool, pleasing breezes, a peaceful quietude, sweeping, breathtaking views  — and legend has it: an underground river of gold. The desert exists in a different time — or outside of time altogether — domesticated dogs still yip and howl at the deepening dusk. The day seems infinite. Your boots are always dusty.

You are here to remember what your senses are for, what silence means, what the light can do. The desert reminds you what it feels like to be a thinking, breathing human being in the wilderness, in the Universe.

Some Press about Pioneertown Motel and the Desert: