The Desert

This is the American West, just as much a place as it is a promise — of adventure, of open road, of infinite possibilities — right next to Joshua Tree National Park and Pappy and Harriet’s.

Pioneertown Motel lives in the High Desert of California — an otherworldly land in the Morongo Basin that calls to outsiders, dreamers, and spiritual wanderers. This desert is the grandpa of the wild American West, the birthplace of the California mystique, and a destination for those seeking visions and untamed beauty. A wild, unruly and wondrous place, it is home to jackrabbits, Bighorn sheep, U2’s Joshua Tree, glorious wildflower blooms, rugged rock formations, songbirds, wide varieties of cactus, surreal sunsets, rare gems, healing minerals, cool, pleasing breezes, a peaceful quietude, sweeping, breathtaking views — and legend has it: an underground river of gold. The desert exists in a different time — or outside of time altogether — domesticated dogs still yip and howl at the deepening dusk. The day seems infinite. Your boots are always dusty.

You are here to remember what your senses are for, what silence means, what the light can do. The desert reminds you what it feels like to be a thinking, breathing human being in the wilderness, in the Universe.

Some of our favorite desert haunts